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Your home is more than a financial investment. It is an emotional investment as well. Unfortunately, our nation's financial downturn has threatened millions of homeowners. If you have fallen behind on your mortgage and are facing the possibility of foreclosure, it is important to look at all of your options. Filing bankruptcy can be a way to take control over your finances and prevent the loss of your home.

At Bailey & Gunderson, our Cincinnati lawyers stop foreclosure, car repossession and garnishment through the bankruptcy process. Our attorneys, Michael Bailey and Eric Gunderson bring more than two decades of legal experience. Since founding our firm in 1995, we have handled more than 1,000 bankruptcy cases. We take a detailed, thorough approach in every case to help our clients get the debt relief they need.

Stopping Foreclosure In Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy will stop foreclosure proceedings immediately. When you file bankruptcy, an automatic stay will prevent your creditors from proceeding against you. It is important to understand, however, that different types of bankruptcy offer different types of relief. By filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can set up a repayment plan to pay your past due mortgage balance over three to five years.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, however, may only delay foreclosure. If you file Chapter 7, your lender can ask the bankruptcy court to lift the automatic stay and restart foreclosure proceedings. Filing Chapter 7 can still help you remove any underlying debt and give you time to work out some kind of arrangement with your mortgage lender. In either situation, you can rely on our attorneys to provide practical advice aimed at helping you stay in your home.

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Many of our bankruptcy clients face garnishment of their wages. Garnishment is, at best, a major inconvenience. Filing bankruptcy will end a garnishment immediately, putting more money back in your paycheck. In addition, if you face the potential repossession of your automobile, filing bankruptcy can stop or delay repossession, giving you the opportunity to renegotiate your auto loan. Whatever your needs, our lawyers will take decisive action aimed at maximizing your debt relief.

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