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Cincinnati Divorce attorneyA divorce or dissolution will impact your finances, your relationship with your children and a host of other issues.

By working with experienced legal counsel, you can place yourself in a position to confidently move onto the next chapter of your life. At Bailey & Gunderson, our Cincinnati divorce lawyers represent people in Hamilton, Clermont, Warren and Butler Counties in Ohio. We are committed to helping you relieve the stress and anxiety and can help you resolve the many issues in your divorce, including:

Whether your divorce is resolved through a negotiated settlement or mediation or at trial, we will fight for your interests while trying to keep the costs of your divorce under control. Both Michael Bailey and Eric Gunderson have more than 27 years of legal experience, which we will use to create powerful strategies on your behalf.

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At Bailey & Gunderson, we are often asked about the difference between a dissolution and a divorce. A dissolution, like a divorce, terminates a marriage. A dissolution is  similar to a divorce except for one critical difference. In a dissolution, the parties agree on everything, from child custody arrangements and property division to child support and spousal support. If the parties disagree about any of these issues, they must go through the divorce process. A dissolution of marriage can offer several benefits over a divorce, as it is quicker and less expensive. In both dissolution and divorce, a lawyer can represent only one spouse.

Above all, whether you are going through a dissolution or a divorce, we will tailor our legal council services to fit your specific needs. We do everything we can to help you move forward  from the loss of your marriage on the best possible terms.

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