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Property Distribution

Property Distribution

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high asset divorce cincinnatiOther than child custody, the most challenging issue to resolve in any divorce is the division of marital property. The lawyer you choose will make a great difference. At Bailey & Gunderson, we have a strong track record of achieving positive outcomes for clients in all parts of the divorce or dissolution process. From the start of your case until its conclusion, you can rely on our lawyers to provide exceptional client service and strong advocacy.

Asset And Debt Division Attorneys Serving Cincinnati And Beyond

When considering the division of marital assets and debts, you must be aware of several key issues. In Ohio, all marital assets and debts are subject to equitable division. The terms "equitable" and "equal," however, are not the same thing. In fact, courts have significant power in determining how assets and debts are divided.

The other important issue in property distribution is that only marital assets and debts can be divided. Separate property, such as property acquired through inheritance or gift or protected under a valid prenuptial agreement, are not subject to division. At Bailey & Gunderson, we will answer your questions and give you the information you need to fully understand your rights. At the same time, we will take decisive action aimed at helping you recover your fair share of the marital property.

We Serve Clients In High-Asset Divorces

While our Cincinnati property division lawyers represent clients of all income levels, we understand how to deal with the issues involved in divorces for individuals with significant assets. Some of these issues can include evaluating the value of a business and other unique property and tax considerations. With more than 55 years of cumulative experience, attorneys Michael Bailey and Eric Gunderson can skillfully guide you through all aspects of the property distribution process.

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