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Who would have thought that the first crime “allegedly” caused in outer space would be related to a divorce action?

You may have seen the recent news story about an astronaut “allegedly” hacking into her spouse’s bank account online while in outer space. The astronaut and her spouse are currently involved in a divorce action. *

Whether your spouse is an astronaut or not, if you are having marital troubles and are considering a divorce or a dissolution of marriage, please contact me, Michael S. Bailey, Attorney, for a consultation at 631-0022.

The first meeting will allow me an opportunity to learn about your marital issues and give you advice regarding the law, the procedure, and what to expect in a divorce or dissolution of marriage.

The same laws will apply whether the acts occur here on earth or in outer space!

This insight into the law is provided by Michael S. Bailey, Esq. of the law firm of Bailey & Gunderson Co., L.P.A., with offices in Norwood and Western Hills. Phone: (513) 631-0022.

*Disclaimer – These are only “allegations” at this time and have not been proven to be true by a court.