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Do you own real estate? Do you know where your real estate deed is located? Have you reviewed your real estate deed recently?

If you cannot locate your deed, you may be able to obtain a copy of it from your county recorder's website. It is not necessary that you have the original, recorded deed in your possession. A copy of the deed shall be sufficient for your future use.

Is your real estate properly titled to meet your future goals? A husband and wife should make sure that their deed is a “survivorship deed”. Attorneys look for certain language in the deed to verify that the husband and wife in fact have a “survivorship deed”.

If you want your real estate to be transferred to your children (or other beneficiaries) after your death, you can accomplish this goal by having a Transfer-on-Death Designation Affidavit prepared and recorded indicating your wish to transfer the real estate to your children (or other beneficiaries) after your death.

Either of the methods described herein can help avoid the requirement to “probate” your real estate after your death.


Real Estate Probate