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At Bailey & Gunderson, our attorneys help people going through some of life's most difficult challenges. We bring our experience, skill and creativity to every case, taking on all types of Family Law including Divorce, Bankruptcy, Probate and Estate Planning issues.  Learning that most people ask the same questions - this blog is our way of providing some general legal information.  Feel free to contact our Cincinnati Law Offices to discuss your specific situation. 

Are you having issues or concerns about court ordered visitation with your minor children? Does the “shelter in place” order from the State of Ohio affect your visitation rights with your minor children. Are you concerned about your children’s parent exercising his/her visitation rights and the safety of your children?

If you have questions related to these issues, please call Attorney Michael S. Bailey at (513) 631-0022. I can help.

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Our law office remains open for business per the guidelines of the State of Ohio to provide legal services for our current and future clients during the health crisis.

We are currently scheduling phone consultations by appointment and utilizing other precautions to protect our staff and clients.

If you need legal advice, we are here to help you. Please call our office at 631-0022 to schedule a phone consultation with one of our attorneys.

We are committed to provide legal services and advice for our client during these difficult times.

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Are you having debt and financial trouble? We can help.

A Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be the solution for your debt and financial problems. Please contact us for your free initial consultation with our bankruptcy attorneys.

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Most parties in a divorce action do not realize how traumatic the divorce process is and do not make any effort to find emotional and mental health support. If you need help, you should consult with your family doctor or other professionals for guidance and support for counseling.

Spending time on other activities such as hobbies, sports, etc. will help remind you that life is not that bad. There is scientific proof that going for a walk in nature has mental and physical health benefits, and can help clear your mind when decisions related to your divorce must be made.

If you are in need of mental health support or counseling, please be sure to let your divorce attorney know. Such is important for your attorney to know to help guide you through the divorce process.


If you have questions, please call me at (513) 631-0022.

This insight into the law is provided by Michael S. Bailey, Esq. of the law firm of Bailey & Gunderson Co., L.P.A., with offices in Norwood and Western Hills. Phone: (513) 631-0022.


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What information and documents should you provide to the attorney-in-fact for your durable power of attorney and/or the future executor of your estate?

Here are some helpful hints for information and documents that should be provided to your attorney-in-fact and/or the future executor of your estate. Always make sure that these are persons who you completely trust (for example, a spouse, a child, etc.) as these documents and information permit access to your personal and financial information.

Documents and information to provide are listed as follows:

  1. Current estate planning documents (will, powers of attorney, advanced directive).
    2. Retirement plan information (IRA / 401K / pension).
    3. Copies of any life insurance policies.
    4. Copies of health insurance policies.
    5. Burial plot location and funeral instructions.
    6. Email account, computer and phone passwords.
    7. Bank account information (where accounts are held, account numbers).
    8. Safety deposit box information (location and who can access).
    9. Lock codes or combinations (gun safe, in-home safes).
    10. Payment information such as payee, due dates and payment amounts for important debts (i.e. mortgage, auto loans).
    11. Identification documents: copies of driver's licenses, birth certificates, social security cards, marriage licenses, military discharge papers.
    12. Documents related to real estate: deeds, leases.
    13. List of assets (personal property and all business assets).
    14. List of all key business relationships (attorney, accountant, banker, insurance agent, commodity buyers).


Estate Planning Documents A